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Web Design Complaints from Actual Clients

Web design complaints are gradually becoming more commonplace. While designers always work hard to create brilliant websites that convert,  not each agency understands the complications of web design and development.

  • Clients inquire about budget right away.

Budget is one of the most crucial components of a website design. Before taking on a project, you should determine your budget first. The job of a web designer is to advice clients on how to make the most out of your money.


  • Clients assume they have enough experience in creating websites that convert.

At this day and age, every person who can work well with Wix or WordPress can consider themselves as web designers. However, building a website is only a small aspect of the task. You need someone who completely understands websites as marketing tools that can help businesses grow.


  • Clients consider themselves not only as web designers, but also as graphic designers.

In order to build a website that converts, you must ask help from professionals who understand design principles. There are plenty of assets involved in website creation. Without vast web design experience, your website would appear amateur.


  • Clients are always talking about search engine optimization.

Good web design is not only about design principles, it is also about SEO. Your web designers should understand the fundamentals of search engine optimization, so they can help you make the most out of your marketing budget.


  • Clients think they understand the complexities of online marketing.

Building a website is just one component of an online marketing strategy. Make sure that the web designer you are hiring understands the fundamentals of digital strategies. Never miss out on the tons of opportunities out there.

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