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How a Trucking Company Impacted Mobile App Development?

The Application of Trucking Company

In the past, many businesses would rely on computer programs for their different processes and operations. This is especially true in the trucking and logistics industry since you’re going to deal with a lot of things at a time.

Many workers want access to their venture’s mobile applications, but the problem is that it is hard to shrink their already existing program and put it in a mobile application.

A certain trucking conglomerate called Paccar had two choices: they will either use their existing software (that was only available on computers) for their operations or they will spend money on application development. CIO Lily Ley believes that the latter option is the most feasible one.

According to Ley, their company needed the mobility and the flexibility to deliver solutions to their users. Ley knew that mobile applications are the future so she did not think twice of investing some of their venture’s capital into mobile app development by hiring app company.

An app development company, RMAD solutions, knows the power that mobile applications hold. You see, people make use of their smartphones for a sizable portion of their waking hours. In fact, in America, people on average spend 5 hours a day tinkering with their mobile devices.

That being said, RMAD Solutions know that some companies do not have a dedicated IT department and those who do rarely have enough manpower to create applications for the entrepreneurs.

So, they’ve decided to create a platform that would allow any person to develop an application by using a program with a drag-and-drop interface.

How a Trucking Company Impacted Mobile App Development?

How Paccar Changed Mobile App Development?

Paccar is a successful trucking company that still makes use of a legacy framework for most of their operations such as logistics, manufacturing, leasing, financing, and aftermarket sales. Their programs, although robust, is already outdated and can only be used on a computer.

Ley knew that they had to change their approach since the future makes use of smartphones in a more meaningful and productive way.

The company donned a new approach by going for the no-code/low-code style of app development. This is why they hired a promising app development startup called SkyGiraffe.

Ever since the trucking company collaborated with SkyGiraffe, they were able to make a total of 25 mobile applications that allow the company’s workers to do their jobs more efficiently. Some services that took advantage of mobile applications include granting approvals for sales discounts, alerting factory workers if there is a failure, among other things.

How a Trucking Company Impacted Mobile App Development?

Promising App Development Startups Are Emerging

RMAD solutions and other promising app development startups have slowly been on the rise. This tells you a lot about application development since many users are utilizing mobile applications for just about anything.

As you’ve read in this article, Paccar was able to create mobile applications that allow for ease of use to better manage the different parts of their operations.

Because of the extensive abilities of a mobile app, we would see a lot more of them that are used in the business context in the foreseeable future.

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