Creating Better Designs with a Content-First Approach

Creating Better Designs with a Content-First Approach


Whether you are creating an app or landing page, the design must begin with content first. This can generate tons of benefits. Soon, you will end up with quality websites and products for your website design malaysia company.


By content, I mean copies, audio, videos, images, downloads and actions. But, your focus should always be on simple words.


Storytellers in video games and movies

Even video games have stories. Companies which build these materials hire writers to make sure that the storytelling process would go smoothly. If they don’t hire professionals, no worthwhile experience would be provided for the customers. There is the need to tell compelling stories.


Content first in design


How can you make sure that your pages’ contents will be successful? Well, everything should be planned from the very beginning. You and your team should agree on the content even before drawing up the pixels or wireframes.


Great content begins with a simple story.

Website designers, at some point, should be good storytellers as well. Designing web pages is not only about delivering great user experience. It’s also about sharing unique stories to visitors. The story is part of the design.


Starting the design structure

What kind of story do you want to tell your audience? In what way do you want to communicate your website’s message? In order to communicate every aspect of your story to your team, you may want to create a Google docs file. It’s very easy to share, and to incorporate comments.


Structure your content as you imagine it. Each screen and page has its purpose. Create different sections with corresponding goals and purposes.


Incorporating it into web design processes

Coding Web Design

Are you working with a huge team, including a copywriter? It’s important to get him or her involved from the very start of the project. Be proactive and take initiative. However, if you are only part a small staff, be versatile. Include content before the entire visual design task begins.



You are creating a website because you want to communicate. Thus, you need to write effective copies and content for it to be successful. Never consider it as a minor aspect of the project.


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