Baby Care: 6 Ways to Treat Cradle Cap

1.Shift to a different, milder baby shampoo.

There are plenty of baby shampoo and baby bath brands in Malaysia you can choose from, but if your kid is suffering from cradle cap, you may want to shift to the medicated kind. Never let your baby try an adult-strength formula. Shifting to medicated shampoo is a lot safer.

2.Give it time.

Every baby is different. Some even have thrush, acne, or milia. Soon, these conditions would go away on their own. You just need to focus on baby care, and give it some time.

3.Rinse well.

The best idea and solution to this is to prevent cradle cap, right before it begins. Regularly shampoo your baby with a gentle, mild formula to stave off all the scales. Physicians are not sure what causes it, but what’s clear is that this medical condition thrives on oil skin.

4.Go for the natural way.

Some health care professionals suggest treating cradle crap by putting mineral oil on your infant’s scalp. After rubbing it, just rinse it off. Most of the time, homemade natural remedies wouldn’t hurt. Some parents even swear by lesser-known remedies such as chamomile, tea or comfrey root.


Sometimes, putting shampoo on your child’s delicate’s scalp is not enough. When it comes to removing the flakes on her head, you need to help her more. Resort to gentle exfoliation. Brush your infant’s hair frequently. Moreover, massaging the scalp would help remove all the scales.

6.Get a diagnosis.

If none of the remedies you have tried failed, then it’s time to consult your pediatrician. In some cases, parents think it’s cradle cap, but it’s actually eczema. Eczema may impact a baby’s skin, showing up as itchy, dry patches on the skin.

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