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6 of the Most Surprising Foods to Avoid Before Having Sex

There are certain foods that you must consume to improve libido and sexual performance, but there are also some foods that you must avoid before having a naughty tryst.

Today, I am going to be talking about the most surprising foods to avoid before having sex. And oh, even if you are going to ditch these foods before sexy time, taking libido boosters beforehand may give you some much-needed boost just before lovemaking.

French Fries

Eating French fries is indeed one of the most common things that most couples do on a date. However, eating them just before having sex is a bad idea mainly because it is rich in fat and sodium.

Trans fat in fries can deal a negative impact on your testosterone levels (which will lead to decreased libido). The rich sodium content will also not bode well for people who are suffering from high blood pressure and for those people who are not susceptible to the condition, you are not in the clear either. That is because high sodium content in the body may lead to bloating (which is not going to be sexy for either partner).


Another cheap date staple, this festival favorite is rich in saturated fat. Too much of this fat can potentially clog up your arteries and may affect a man’s ability to maintain an erection.

If you want a good alternative, opt for fish tacos. Its rich Omega-3 fatty acid content will boost your sexual arousal, as well as improve your cardiovascular system.


Tofu can be a great plant-based alternative to getting protein but it may not be ideal if you want to have sex tonight. That is because it is rich in phytoestrogens which can ramp up production of estrogen in both men and women (which is not going to be good for your sex drive).


Although there is no problem if you are eating just one bowl of oatmeal, there will be a slight problem if you happen to eat more than one. That is because its rich fiber content may lead to gassiness and bloating- two sensations that you do not want to experience during lovemaking.

Energy Drinks

It is true that energy drinks can provide you with some energy, but its rich caffeine and sugar content will only give you a short burst of energy and not a long and sustainable one.

In addition, energy drinks contain a lot of sugar which can also lower your testosterone levels and as a result, will negatively impact your libido as well.


Don’t get me wrong, eating fruits is beneficial to your body. However, it is not a good idea to consume fruits after dinner (supposing that you will have sex tonight) since fruits may lead to bloating and bowel problems.

If you absolutely want to have your fruit fix, either eat it in the morning, afternoon or hours before sex (but not immediately after your main course meal).

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